MCAM to again broadcast and webstream Xcel Energy Holiday Lights Parade LIVE! Tuesday, Nov. 22

MCAM will again broadcast and livestream the XCEL ENERGY HOLIDAY LIGHTS PARADE on Tuesday, Nov. 22nd at 630pm!  The parade will broadcast on both the government and Access channels (Ch. 58 and 69 on CableOne and 12 & 99 on MidCo).  Here is the livestream link as well:

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MCAM to broadcast MhD SPuds LIVE – internet permitting!

MCAM will again broadcast the Mhd spuds game live tonight (10-7-16)!  Internet permitting… here is the web link to go to:
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MCAM to rebroadcast the MN Dist. 4 Senate/House Candidate Forum

MCAM will rebroadcast the MN District 4 Senate and House Candidate’s Forum by the League of Women Voters.  Please check our schedule for times!  The schedule will update by Monday with additional showings.

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Moorhead Spuds Football LIVE! Sept. 16th

MCAM WILL broadcast the Moorhead Spuds game LIVE at 7pm on our Access Channel, 99 on Midco and 69 on CableOne!  Religious programs normally seen from 7 til 10pm will be shown Saturday at noon.

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Moorhead School Board Candidate Forum to be rebroadcast by MCAM

Please refer to our schedule on the Government Channel (58 on CableOne and 12 on Midco) for the extensive rebroadcasts of the Moorhead School Board Candidate’s Forum by the League of Women Voters!  It is also available on the League’s webpage via a YouTube link.

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Moorhead Footballwill be replayed next week-internet issues interefered with the broadcast!

Check back for updates on when we will broadcast the game… there are technical difficulties at the school preventing the streaming of the game (and which also prevents our broadcast live).  We are recording and will play back the game often!

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Moorhead Spuds Football LIVE!

Due to technical issues with the school internet, we are unable to stream and broadcast the game live this week.  The game will be rebroadcast multiple times this week, please check back on Tuesday for updates on times.


Tune to WDAY AM 970 Radio for the LIVE radio feed of the game!

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MCAM Broadcasts Moorhead Spuds Football again in 2016!

Moorhead Community Access Media will again broadcast the Spuds Football games LIVE (with exception of Sept. 30 due to conflicts-but it will be taped and played back)!  Starting this Friday at 7pm, Spuds football will be LIVE on Channel 99 (Midco) or Channel 69 (CableOne). Regularly seen religious services will be broadcast the next day (Saturday) at 12 noon.

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MCAM off air for short time Wedmesday, November 18

MCAM is moving!  We are going to the Moorhead Center Mall and due to the switchover, will be off the air for a few hours Wednesday morning, November 18th.  Look for our open house Tuesday, November 24th from 3pm-5pm, right before we broadcast the Holiday Lights Parade LIVE from downtown Moorhead!

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MCAM Rebroadcasts Moorhead School Referendum Informational Meeting

MCAM recorded the Moorhead School Board’s informational meeting on the school referendum and MCAM will rebroadcast it through November 2.  Playbacks occur on Channel 12 (CableOne) or Channel 58 (Midcontinent).  Dates are: Thursday, Oct. 29th, 4pm; Friday, October 30th, 7pm; Saturday, Oct. 31, 1:30pm and 7pm; Sunday, nov. 1, 12pm and 7pm and Monday, Nov. 2, 5:30pm and 10:30pm.

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