Moorhead Spuds Football Live!

Click on the link below to watch the Moorhead Spuds LIVE!

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Moorhead Access FALL PREMIERE begins Friday, Sept. 8th with LIVE Mhd SPuds FOOTBALL!

Moorhead Access’ FALL PREMIERE will debut Friday night at 7pm with the first home game of the Moorhead Spuds Football Team! Tune in to Moorhead Access channel (99 on Midco or 69 on CableOne) or to our main page and click on the link for web access!

The Fall Premiere continues on Monday, Sept. 11th with a new Classic TV lineup featuring The Beverly Hillbillies, Andy Griffith, Bonanza, Dragnet and The Adventures of Robin Hood!  The new September episode of MOORHEAD TALKS debuts Thursday, Sept. 14th at 7pm on Channel 12/58 and on Saturday, September 16th at 11pm is long-awaited debut of 10 fresh (from the grave..) MONSTER SHOWS! New films will be popping up as well so STAY TUNED to Moorhead Access!

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Moorhead Talks July Episode premieres tonight! 7-6-17

Moorhead Talks for July premieres tonight but you can watch it here on youtube!  Click on the link:

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Moorhead Talks June episode premiers TONIGHT! 6-1-17

The June Episode of Moorhead Talks premieres TONIGHT at 7pm and is also available on our YouTube page:

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Moorhead Talks May episode debuts TONIGHT!

Moorhead Talks’ May episode will debut at 7pm tonight (Tuesday, May 2nd) and will run thru the month on both MCAM Channels (58 and 69 Cableone and 12 and 99 Midco)!  ALso available online anytime:

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Moorhead Talks new episode debuts Thursday, March 30th at 7pm!

Moorhead Talks’ new episode will debut at 7pm on Channel 12 (Midco) and Channel 58 (CableOne).  It will also be available online!

Here is the link:

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Moorhead Talks New Episode debuts Feb. 28th!

The new episode debuts tonight with a chat with Brenda Elmer, Moorhead councilmember and a look at the upcoming production of The Wiz by Horizon Middle School!  Here is the youtube link as well:


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Moorhead Spuds Hockey Replays

MCAM will continue to rebroadcast the last 4 home games of the Spuds hockey team!  Check the schedule for times!  We look forward to the fall and Spuds Football!

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Moorhead Talks debuts!

Youtube link for MOORHEAD TALKS:

Moorhead Community Access Media debuts a new monthly informational talk program dedicated to bringing the issues and events in Moorhead to the regional public-tonight (1-31-17) at 7pm! Moorhead Talks will feature long-form conversations with Moorhead civic leaders, business and cultural figures and people and events of interest centered in the Moorhead area.  Our first guest is Moorhead Mayor Del Rae Williams and we also feature a segment on the MATBUS program for the area with Taaren Haak, Marketing Specialist and Assistant Transit Planner for the MATBUS system.


Moorhead Talks will be available on the local cable access channels in Moorhead as well as online at our website,


It debuts tonight, January 31st at 7pm on channel 12 on Midco and channel 58 on CableOne and will repeat often.  Check out for schedule updates as well as updates on Moorhead Spuds Hockey replays and upcoming LIVE telecasts of the Spud games!

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Moorhead SPUDS Hockey Game from 1-24-17

Here’s the link to the Spuds Hockey Game from Tuesday, January 24th with Roseau!

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