MCAM off air for short time Wedmesday, November 18

MCAM is moving!  We are going to the Moorhead Center Mall and due to the switchover, will be off the air for a few hours Wednesday morning, November 18th.  Look for our open house Tuesday, November 24th from 3pm-5pm, right before we broadcast the Holiday Lights Parade LIVE from downtown Moorhead!

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MCAM Rebroadcasts Moorhead School Referendum Informational Meeting

MCAM recorded the Moorhead School Board’s informational meeting on the school referendum and MCAM will rebroadcast it through November 2.  Playbacks occur on Channel 12 (CableOne) or Channel 58 (Midcontinent).  Dates are: Thursday, Oct. 29th, 4pm; Friday, October 30th, 7pm; Saturday, Oct. 31, 1:30pm and 7pm; Sunday, nov. 1, 12pm and 7pm and Monday, Nov. 2, 5:30pm and 10:30pm.

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MCAM presents Halloween programming with the Monster Show movies!

MCAM’s own production, the Monster Show, is running in most movie slots up until Halloween!  Classics like Night of the Living Dead and The Terror are highlighted in the funny take on sitcoms featuring families of monsters.  Tune in through Halloween for Monster Shows and Bela Lugosi classics!


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MCAM Broadcasts Moorhead Spuds Football LIVE Sept. 11th!

MCAM will again broadcast the Moorhead Spuds football game LIVE on Friday, Sept. 11th!  Religious programming normally seen at that time will be shown Saturday, Sept. 12th beginning at 12 noon.

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MCAM Broadcasting holiday Lights Parade LIVE!

MCAM is again broadcasting the holiday lights parade live on Channel 99 (69 on CableOne digital) and will rebroadcast the parade throughout the holiday season!  Check our program guide for updates!

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MCAM rebroadcasting Candidates Forums

MCAM covered and will rebroadcast Minnesota candidates forums by League of Women Voters!  Check the schedule for exact times but Candidate Forums for 4A/4B/School Board/Clay County and Judges were conducted by the League of Women Voters last weekend.  MCAM videotaped and streamed the event live and will now rebroadcast each segment throughout the weeks leading to the election.

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